Superior heavy duty exit devices are available in stainless steel, beautiful yet rugged vapor deposition finishes, and industry leading electrified options, engineered for high-use and high-abuse life safety and security door hardware applications.

Rim Devices

Surface Vertical Rod Devices

Mortise Devices

Concealed Vertical Rod Devices

Narrow Stile (For Aluminum Doors)
60 Series
61 Series – Top Rod Only

Narrow Stile (For Hollow Metal Doors)
62 Series
63 Series – Top Rod Only

Wide Stile (For Wood Doors)
70 Series
71 Series – Top Rod Only

Wide Stile (For Hollow Metal Doors)
80 Series
81 Series – Top Rod Only
87 Series (High Security, Relatching)

Wide Stile (For Aluminum Doors)
82 Series
83 Series – Top Rod Only

Dummy Devices

Electrified Options

Exit Alarm Options
Exit Alarm (EA)
Exit Alarm With Battery – Weatherized (EB W)

Controlled Entry / Exit Options
Electric Dogging (ED)
Electric Latch Retraction (ER EX)
Electric Latch Retraction – Weatherized (ER EX W)
Delayed Egress (EE)
Delayed Egress With Magnetic Locking (EM)
Delayed Egress With Latch Retraction (EE ER)
Electric Unlock Trim (EU)
Electric Unlock Trim (EU2W)

Signal Switch Options
Electric Integration (EI)
Electric Signaling (ES)
Request To Exit Signaling Switch (EX)
Request To Exit High Current/Voltage Signaling Switch (EXV)
Request To Exit Signaling Switch – Weatherized (EX W)
Request To Exit High Current/Voltage Signaling Switch – Weatherized (EXV W)
Latch Bolt Monitor (LX)
Latch Bolt Monitor High Current / Voltage (LXV)

Outside Trim

10 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
20/21 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
30 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
40 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
50/51 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
60/61/62/63 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
70/71 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates
80/81/82/83 Series Levers, Pulls & Plates


Gate Plate & Accessories
DX Bolts
Cylinder Collars
Security Screw Kits

Glass Bead Kits
Power Transfers
Electric Strikes
Weatherized Electric Strikes
Remote Horn

Magnetic Switch (MS-1000 Series)
Magnetic Switch (MS-2000 Series)
Push Buttons
Passive Infrared Sensors
Remote Alarm
Battery Eliminator
Logic Controller / Power Supply for use Outdoors