Hinge Side Locking Dead Bolts

Providing hinge-side protection, the DX Bolt is an additional line of defense against break-ins. Even if the exterior door hinges are compromised the DX Bolts keep your door locked and secure. These passive dead bolts are easy to install and offer another layer of attack resistance. DX Bolts can be added to most applications, providing code compliant, economical, multi-point locking security. DX Bolts are available for use with all Detex panic hardware. DX Bolts come in 3 specifications: DX1 – Single Hinge Bolt, DX2 – Double Hinge Bolts, DX3 – Triple Hinge Bolts.


  • Can be added to almost any out-swing door application
  • Provides additional line of defense against break-ins
  • Attack-resistant design keeps door locked and secure to deter against burglaries
  • Even if the hinges are cut off, the door remains locked and secure
  • One piece stainless construction provides superior holding strength
  • Excellent for exterior applications or doors that get wet