Integrated Door Security Systems


Series 800 Controllers
What will it take to integrate your components and accessories?  Check our Series 800 choices.  There are models that come with a power supply, or models that use a remote power source.  A core model or a model that includes a 24-point terminal strip.  A box that installs flush or other models that stand alone.  Whatever your requirements, Detex can help you tailor your order to your situation, so that you’ll get the efficient, reliable, multi-function door control you need.

Panic Hardware with Electrified Options
Detex offers a wide choice of architectural hardware designed for reliability in high-use, heavy abuse applications.  Our Advantex hardware comes in seven finishes from polished brass to stainless steel.  Architects like its good looks, and maintenance personnel like its heavy-duty construction that stands up to tough daily use. Our patented mounting plate system makes installation simple.  And, for lower-cost applications, the Detex Value Series provides a well-designed and durable Grade 1 solution.

Advantex Panic Hardware
V40 Panic Hardware
V50/V51 Panic Hardware

Electrified Exit Devices

Exit Alarms
Arm your emergency exits and restricted doors with our low-cost, battery or AC-powered door alarms to prevent unauthorized door use.  When the 100dB horn sounds, no one sneaks away.  Rugged and tamper-resistant when armed, these alarms are constant sentinels.  Combine them with Detex magnetic door switches to monitor door positions or trigger the alarms, and you’ll have state-of-the-art monitoring in one compact package.

Tailgate Detection System
The AT-5000 Series Tailgate Detection Systems assure that only one individual enters a secured doorway for each authorized card read; compatible with most card reader technologies the AT-5000 Series is easy to retrofit.  The unique and cost effective optical security system, which uses infrared sensor beams to detect tailgating, is perfectly suited for areas requiring tighter security.

Station Controls
Detex remote indication panels allow monitoring of security devices throughout facilities such as hospitals, warehouses and office buildings — even surveying a large complex from a single location.

Station Controls
Push Buttons

Access Control Systems
Affordable single-door security is as simple as installing any of our access control keypads and card readers. With flexible programming capability, real-time data logging capability and multi-user capability, these units control unauthorized access/egress in office, retail, municipal, institutional and industrial building applications.  Choose the model that suits your location, with options including anti-tamper switches and an exterior version with thermostatic heater and weatherstripping.

Access Control
Motion Detector

Locks and Strikes
Use Detex electromagnetic locks for extra security and get the power of 1500-lb holding force in one easy-to-install unit. Add our electric strikes for a low-energy-consumption security enhancement.

Magnetic Locks
Weatherized Magnetic Locks
Electric Strikes
Weatherized Electric Strikes