Automatic Operators

These products are ideal in high-use, high-abuse, low-energy applications. Whether you are talking about single doors, double doors or double egress doors, these get used a lot. You want a product that is built to last and up to the task. That is just what you can expect from the AO19-1, AO19-2 and AO19-3 series. What’s more, these products are economical. They work with existing access control, locking and computer signal devices. The heavy duty construction reduces service calls and they are easy to maintain.


Push Plate Switches & Combinations (Activation)
Wireless Touchless Activation Switch
Hardwired Touchless Activation Switch
4 1/2″ Round Push Plate Switch
6″ Round Push Plate Switch
Jamb Mount Push Plate Switch
4 1/2″ Square Push Plate Switch
Vestibule Push Plate Switch
Wireless Activation Package
Keyswitch/Push Plate Combination

Transmitters & Receivers
Hand-Held Transmitter
Multi-Mode Receiver

DH97 Presence Sensor
Swing Door Mounted Presence Sensor

Switch Post

Other Accessories
Electric Strikes
Weatherized Electric Strikes
Magnetic Switch (MS-1000 Series)
Magnetic Switch (MS-2000 Series)
Push Buttons