Power Supplies & Logic Controllers

Power Supplies

80-800 / 90-800 (For use with Delayed Egress products)
Power Supply -1 Amp continuous filtered, regulated power

Power Supplies / Logic Controllers

10-800 / 11-800 (For use with various EasyKits)
Universal logic and power controllers provide 2 Amps of filtered, regulated power& for total control over all electrified hardware in virtually any access and/or egress control application.

81-800 / 82-800 / 83-800 (For use with Electric Latch Retraction)
Controller and Power Supply – 1 Amp or 2 Amps continuous filtered, regulated power.

84-800 / 85-800 (For use with EExER Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction products)
Controller and Power Supply – 1 Amp (84-800) / 2 Amp (85-800) continuous filtered, regulated power for integrated delayed egress with latch retraction (EExER) control for 1 door & 1 operator (84-800) and 2 doors & 2 operators (85-800).

Logic Controllers

12-800 (For use with delayed egress products)
Stand-Alone 120VAC/24VDC System contains back box, upper back pan and flip-up insert, 24-point terminal strip, transformer and Series 800 electronics
Prewired at factory and labeled with connections for use in delayed egress applications (single or pairs)

106595-1 Logic Controller / Power Supply For Use Outdoors


Battery Box Extension – Black (no batteries provided)

12VDC 4AH (1 battery provided)

24VDC 4AH (2 batteries provided)