84-800 / 85-800

The Detex 84-800 and 85-800 are universal logic and power supply controllers that convert 120VAC into regulated and filtered 24VDC, providing a secure, consistent, power feed to Detex fully integrated electric latch retraction with delayed egress exit devices (EExER Electrified Option).


  • Allows you to specify and supply the economical 84-800 for single door or 85-800 for 2-door latch retraction, delayed egress applications
  • Power supply and controller all in one box
  • Single AC line voltage required to activate
  • Cable harnesses engineered to take guesswork out of making correct point to point connections
  • Fire alarm input for life safety compliance
  • Filtered and regulated 24VDC power protects circuitry from stray power surges and spikes
  • Connections are labeled to identify circuits