87 Series High Security Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device

Designed to enhance the architectural aesthetics of any décor, the 87 Series high security concealed vertical rod exit device is also super-heavy-duty panic and fire exit hardware for use on all types of hollow metal doors without a mullion.  The patented mounting plate system ensures the easiest and most accurate installation of panic hardware available.


  • Heavy duty angled end cap deflects damage away from device
  • 6-position multi-step action in top latch keeps top and bottom bolts retracted until door closes and provides more consistent relatching and security to door
  • Top strike both secures the door and re-engages the latch bolts
  • Except for 03WSV, outside trims are easily changed or rekeyed without removing device from door
  • Rods are easily adjustable with rods installed in door
  • Durable steel bottom drop bolt