Delayed Egress With Latch Retraction (EE ER)

Available with 10/40 Rim, 30 Mortise, 20/21/50/51 Surface Vertical Rod Devices and 60/61/62/63/70/71/80/81/82/83 Concealed Vertical Rod Devices)

The Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction (EE ER) option is designed for applications where both delayed egress and remote unlocking, remote dogging, access control or an automatic operator is desired. An optional EX Exit Switch may be added for pushpad monitoring or LBM Switch for latch bolt monitoring. The alarm in the Remote Interface Module, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts to exit. The alarm will continue to sound, but the door will remain locked for 15 seconds, which deters the unauthorized exit and provides the responsible party time to respond to the alarm.


  • Available as stand-alone or fully-integrated EasyKit
  • All delayed egress and access control functions are implemented in the exit device, no external magnets, electric strikes or electric trims are needed
  • Heavy-duty, Grade 1 exit device stands up to extreme high traffic conditions
  • Required fire alarm input provides life safety override for immediate exit during a fire emergency
  • Wall mounted remote interface module with red/green LEDs provide visual arming indication
  • Through-wire hinge or power transfer compatible