Battery Eliminator

The Detex BE-961 Series of battery eliminators are designed to power 9 volt (DC) security devices such as the ECL-230D, ECL-230X, ECL-600, V40 EB, V40 EB W, V50 EB, V50 EB W, EAX-300 or EAX-500 without having to rely on batteries. The BE-961 comes in two different configurations: BE-961-1 Battery Eliminator, and BE-961-2 Battery Eliminator With Internal Alarm


  • Powers security devices without reliance on batteries
  • Eliminating the need to annually change 9 volt batteries, saves money, prevents unnecessary battery disposal and creates a greener process
  • LED provides visual status of power
  • May be installed on the wall adjacent to the protected door quickly and easily