Automatic Operators

The AO19 Series of Low Energy Automatic Operators are easy to install, heavy duty products for high use and high abuse applications.  All three Operators in the AO19 Series meet requirements for ANSI/BHMA standard 156.19 and provide standard features that meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act. All three Operators have adjustable operating speeds, and Push & Go, which activates when the door is manually pushed to open (this is an option that must be selected to activate). All three Operators come in two finishes: Standard Clear and Bronze. Custom sizes are available. 

Operators are available for three different door applications: 

The AO19-1 is available in three sizes: 39.5″ (Fits above most 36″ doors), 45.5″ (Fits above most 42″ doors) and 52″ (Fits above most 48″ Doors); and four different mechanical options: Left Hand Push, Right Hand Push, Left Hand Pull, and Right Hand Pull. The AO19-2 and AO19-3 are available in three sizes: 75.5″ (Fits above most pairs of 36″ doors), 92″ (Fits above most pairs of 44″ doors), and 100″ (Fits above most pairs of 48″ doors). The AO19-2 is available with two different mechanical options: Push and Pull. The AO19-3 is available with two different mechanical options: Right Hand (Typical) and Left Hand.

Detex is proud to have an easy-to-install Operator. The Operators come with a hanger plate which allows quick and easy installation. We are also proud to provide many installation resources, including our new How To Order guide, installation video and Installation Guides. Detex is also proud to offer the AO19 in an EasyKit.

The Detex AO19 is perfect for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government buildings, retail stores, and other commercial openings.

Many accessories are available to customize your Operator and experience.

How to Order AO19 Guide

Accessories Available