Try It Free For 90 Days

How can I try an Advantex exit device free for 90 days?  It’s really simple.

  1. Fill out the Test Device Application.
  2. Use our Local Sales Offices map to find the representative in your area, and email the the application to your local Detex representative.
  3. Agree to allow local rep to visit installation site – He will help you decide on the perfect device for your application. Click here to see all Advantex devices.
  4. Agree to allow local representative to be present during installation and take before and after pictures.  Detex does not provide installation but will be happy to provide a list of installers in your area.  The product that is removed from the door should be kept by property owner.
  5. Agree to allow local representative to visit site once each month to review the installation.
  6. Once the Advantex has been installed for at least 90 days, agree to purchase the installed device for a reasonable price.  Local representative will handle invoicing through a local distributor.  If you are not happy with performance of Advantex, Detex will pay to have the old device re-installed.

Note:  Pricing depends on function, finish and other details.  Installation is the responsibility of the customer.  Detex will not pay or invoice for installation services.  Detex assumes no liabilities associated with the installation or performance of the Advantex “try me” exit devices.