How Fast Can Your School Lockdown?

Preventing entry by anyone posing an immediate threat can be a serious challenge. If it’s your responsibility to protect students and staff from intruders, you have a choice: rely on traditional manual locking for front doors, or install a Lockdown System to instantly secure the main doors.

In these situations, timing is truly everything. With the Lockdown System EasyKit, a centrally located control switch secures panic hardware devices on the doors, saving precious time. There’s no searching for keys, no need for someone to run to the front doors and attempt to secure them while under pressure. Just one person pushing the Lockdown button can control the threat.

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Unfortunately, it is an accepted fact that occasionally schools have to go on lockdown. What that term means in individual schools varies as much as the size of school districts across the country. Some schools define a lockdown as securing all exterior school doors. Others add all classroom doors to the exterior and could throw in the cafeteria, library, and gymnasium. Whatever the term means to your school district, one key question remains foremost in the minds of school administrators, facility and security directors. What is the safest, fastest, easiest and most cost effective means of locking down our campus?

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Detex has developed a white paper on school security. Read the problems campuses face and solutions to fix them. Get your copy of the Detex white paper today.


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