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Why Is My Device Not Arming?

The key is turned to the armed position, but the device does not sound when the door opens and the door prop time expires.

Handed to wrong side.

Unplug and reinsert battery, 4 chirps is in door prop mode.
5 chirps, the unit is not handed.  Confirm the magnet is aligned correctly.

Disarm the device by turning your key clockwise. Look on the circuit board, there are to metal prongs with white lettering  saying ‘Mag Handing’. Short them together using metal like a screwdriver or the key. The unit should chirp 5 times.  Reinstall the device with the door open, turn device to on, and close door. You should hear 1 chirp and then the device is ready.

If JP1 is cut on the board, the unit is made to mount on the wall and use a external magnetic switch.