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How Do I Change The Handing Of My Device?

Disarm the device by turning your key clockwise. Look on the circuit board near the sticker saying “500”, there are two metal prongs with white lettering near them saying ‘Mag Handing’. Short them together using something metal like a screwdriver or a key. The unit should beep 5 times.  Reinstall the device with the door open, arm by turning the key counter-clockwise and close the door. You should hear 1 chirp and then the device should start the 15 second arming delay indicated by rapid flashing of green light, followed by 3 chirps, indicating that it is armed.

If JP1 is cut on the board, the unit is made to mount on the wall and use a external magnetic switch.

Please refer to the installation instructions for more information on how to re-hand your device