Exit Alarms

No matter your situation, door alarms provide additional security. From the EAX-300 battery operated door prop alarms to the EAX-2500 hardwired door alarms, Detex has your door protected.

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Automatic Operators

Able to be integrated into any system, the Detex AO19 Series of low energy automatic operators are economical, easy to install, heavy duty products for high use and high abuse applications.

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Exit Devices

Found in a wide range of locations, from schools to hospitals, airports to office buildings, restaurants to retail, Advantex exit devices are durable and have the widest range of electrical functions.

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Tailgate Detection

Detex puts the dependable AT-5000 Series hardware in restricted secure areas where unauthorized individuals must be monitored, and authorized entry must be quick, easy and reliable.

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Exit Control Locks

The Detex line of Exit Control Locks is built for maximum strength. From our original ECL-230D to the ultra rugged ECL-230X break-in prevention hardware, Detex has your back door covered.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

For years, Detex has strived to build products that could be trusted to perform. We’ve done that by engineering and manufacturing products designed for high use and abuse. We understand top-quality products must come with top-quality support. Listening to and working together with locksmiths, architects, maintenance supervisors, contractors — everyone who has an interest in quality products that perform well — allows us to make innovative changes in current products, as well as introduce new products for today’s increasing life safety and security requirements.

Today, we proudly acknowledge the contribution of enthusiastic and loyal personnel, in the research, development, engineering, manufacturing and service areas, as well as in sales and general management. It is significant that many employees have been with the company 30 years or more, thus forming a continuity of effort over the years which has elevated Detex to a position of leadership in the security industry today.