Keying Levels

Tumbler type cylinders offer the possibility of very complex arrangements. These are the basic terms: A. Individual Key – A key for a single cylinder. Also known as a Change Key B. Keyed Alike – All cylinders may be operated by the same key (not to be confused with Master Keyed) C. Keyed Different – A different key operates each cylinder in a group of cylinders D. Master Key – A key to operate a group of cylinders, each of which may be set to a different change key E. Master Keyed – All cylinders in a group can be operated by one master key, although all cylinders may be keyed differently (not to be confused with Keyed Alike) F. Maison Keyed – All change and master keys will operate this cylinder G. Keyed-to-Pass – Denotes a cylinder set to accept a limited number of different change and/or master keys