A set of operating features for a particular type of lock or exit device which make it suitable for a specific application.

Entry / Entrance / Office – Push button locking. Button on inside locks outside lever until unlocked by key or by rotating the inside lever. Inside lever always free
Passage – Latch retracted by levers at all times. Never locked
Privacy – Outside knob/lever locked by pushbutton on inside knob/lever. Rotating inside knob/lever or closing door releases/unlocks button. Emergency release in outside knob/lever
Storeroom/Closet – Outside lever always locked. Latchbolt retracted by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever. Inside lever always free
Classroom – Outside lever locked/unlocked by key in outside lever. Inside lever always free
Classroom, Intruder – Latch bolt is operated by rotating the inside lever, or rotating the outside lever only when not locked from the inside or outside key. Outside lever is locked and unlocked by turning the key inside or outside lever. Inside lever cannot be locked