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AOD Landing Page
The Detex AO19 Series Automatic Operators are easy to install, heavy duty products, ideal for high use and abuse, low energy applications. The AO19 Series meets requirements for ANSI/BHMA A156.19 (American National Standard for Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors) and provides standard features that meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act. Available in single, double and double egress door applications, these Automatic Operators are suited to meet your needs.
Various features include:
  • Power close applies a reverse power to aid in latch check position*
  • Push & Go activates when door is manually pushed to open*
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Quiet operation
  • Hanger plate allows quick installation
  • Easy manual use
*Must be selected to use

AO19-1 Automatic Operator for Single Doors Catalog Page 
AO19-1 Automatic Operator for Single Doors Installation Instructions - Push   Pull 

AO19-2 Automatic Operator for Double Doors Catalog Page 
AO19-2 Automatic Operator for Double Doors Installation Instructions - Push   Pull 

AO19-3 Automatic Operator for Double Egress Doors Catalog Page 
AO19-3 Automatic Operator for Double Egress Doors Installation Instuctions 

AO19 Accessories 

AO19 Installation Video 


Also Available:

EasyKit Small 

AODx10   AODx20/21   AODx30   AODx40   AODx50/51 Automatic Operated Doors

The AOD EasyKits provide a pre-wired Automatic Operated Door EasyKit.  Ideal ADA access at healthcare facilities, assisted living homes, main public entrances, places of worship, convention centers, sports arenas and any location requiring low energy, automatic operated doors with an exit device.  The AOD EasyKit includes the Advantex Latch Retraction exit device, and the AO19 low-energy door operator, with a built-in, pre-wired power supply.


Product Page for AODx10 

Catalog Page for AODx10

Installation Instructions for 10 Series

Installation Template for 10 Series

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