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EExER Nursery

New arrival for hospital nursery protection.

Now you have the ability to let good people inand keep bad people out—all in one panic hardware device.

Where security is a high priority for little patients, Detex guards the door with exclusive, new panic hardware that integrates delayed egress and latch retraction in a single patented device.

Operation is simple for hospital staff: latch retraction allows easy access with card or keypad, without sounding an alarm. But unauthorized attempts to enter secure areas trigger the alarm and keep the door locked for 15 seconds so staff can respond. Designed specifically for this kind of use, the device is engineered for reliable performance, low maintenance, and long life.

Not just for babies, Detex Delayed Egress /Latch Retraction hardware is also an efficient solution for other protected health care areas, such as surgical suites or pharmacies—and ideal with automatic swing operators. Ask us how this Detex innovation can put your security worries to rest.


Learn more about the Advantex Delayed Egress with Latch Retraction Rim Exit Device
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