TopGuard Patrol

TopGuard Patrol & Patrol Plus

The new generation of guard tour reporting software for GCS® Data Acquisition Units

TopGuard Patrol - flexible and user-friendly. The TopGuard Patrol software makes it easy to set up tours, download and evaluate collected data and prepare reports, which may be saved and/or e-mailed in HTML or PDF format. It is also a communication utility for all GCS data acquisition units. It uses an MS Access® database and the most modern programming tools, making it powerful yet easy to use. TopGuard Patrol features fully user-editable text fields that allow the software to be customized to accommodate any data collection application, including maintenance, service, cleaning, attendance and asset tracking. And TopGuard Patrol can be quickly configured to display in a variety of languages.

TopGuard Patrol PLUS is designed for more complex reporting requirements. It includes additional report formats, accommodates more tours and control points and has other features, such as the ability to create maps of tours using imported JPG or BMP files.

TopGuard Patrol works with all Windows® operating systems.

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